Massage Sandals

When you are on your feet all day or suffer from a condition that causes your feet to ache and pain, a good massage can be the best relief.

However, we cannot always get a professional massage at the drop of a hat.

Therefore, why not invest in a comfortable pair of massage sandals, where you can enjoy the relief of a massage and comfortable open footwear that allows your feet to breathe and relax.

Massage Sandals and How They Work

Massage or Acupressure sandal incorporates the technology of massaging stones or nodules in their footbeds to stimulate the thousands of nerve endings that you have in your feet.
This type of therapy helps to relieve pain, and joint issues, soothe muscles, and also has a positive impact on corresponding organs in your body, such as reducing headaches and digestive issues.

Acupuncture and acupressure are therapies used for many years to help relieve ailments and provide tension relief.

Massaging and acupressure sandals take on the design of a flip flop or sandal design that is comfortable, breathable, and open. The footbed or sole will be equipped with a series of either nubs, rocks, indentations or bumps, or a variety of them, strategically placed to massage your feet and provide effective relief.

These nubs gently massage your feet when your walk or stand and do not actually penetrate.

Benefits of Massage Sandals

Besides just your feet, massaging sandal benefits many of your organs and areas of your body and joints.

Here are a few benefits that you can enjoy with massaging sandals;

  • Soothes Aches and Pains – One of the best characteristics of massaging sandals is the fact that they effectively relieve pain and aches. Not just in your feet but all over your body.
  • Relaxation – One of the best advantages of massaging sandal is that they help you relax. The massaging feature helps to relieve tension in your feet and your body.
  • Healthy Feet – Massaging sandal not only relieves pain and tension in your feet but also helps to prevent foot conditions and strengthen your feet and ankles, as well as making them more flexible. The nubs massage nerves and reduce tension which in turn relaxes your feet and makes it easier for your to walk and run.
  • Improves Your Metabolism – Certain pressure points in your feet, when massaged, will actually improve and aid in digestion and your metabolism.
  • Combats Depression – The relaxation and tension relief that you will enjoy from your massaging sandal will generally help to reduce depressions and anxiety by relaxing your muscles and body.
  • Fights Fatigue – Massaging sandal will also help to fight foot fatigue by improving circulation and relieving tension. Similarly, you will enjoy better sleep at night and be more relaxed.

Features of a Good Massage Sandal

Massage sandals

  • Uppers – Most massaging sandals will be a slide on or Flip Flop design. The uppers maybe a thong or single strap that is sometimes adjustable with a velcro closure, depending on the brand. The uppers may consist of a synthetic or leather material, or EVA and other materials.
  • Foot Bed – The footbed will have a specialized design with rocks, nodes, and nodules for massaging and acupressure functions. Materials may include rubber, EVA, or other foam materials.
  • Outsole – Generally, the outsole will be rubber with a lug non-slip tread, or so it may be EVA or synthetic.
  • Options – Besides size options for men and women, as most massage sandals are unisex in design, you may not get many color varieties. Some brands of Massage sandal do offer two or more neutral color options.

Reviews: The Best Massage Sandals

Here are our top favorite brands and models in Massage and acupressure sandals;


Massage Sandals

  • the Adissage from Adidas is one of their most popular recovery and comfort sandals.
  • They are massaging sandal with an EVA footbed that has nubs that massage your feet.
  • The uppers ate a single synthetic strap that is adjustable in some models.
  • The fit is roomy and regular, and there are an easy slip-on and off design.
  • The Cloudfoam midsole and memory foam sockliner for inset also offer comfortable cushioning in this massage sandal.


Massage Sandals

  • The Byriver is an Acupressure foot massaging sandal with a slip-on design.
  • They are designed to soothe and relieve heel pain and tension as well as many other foot ailments and injuries.
  • In the package, you get five pieces of replacement massage buttons.
  • The design offers specific foot acupoint stimulation and massage, so your will need to get used to wearing them.
  • The strap is designed to be adjusted for your comfort and a better fit.


Massage Sandals

  • the Gone for Run massaging sandal is a flip-flop range in a few fun color options.
  • The Uppers are a Flip Flop strap consisting of soft fabric materials.
  • The Footbed has unique raised triggers that send healing relief throughout your entire body.
  • They help to improve circulation and to heal aches and pains.
  • The Flip Flops are available in a few more colors and have an easy flip flop design.


Acu-Reflex Massage Sandals

  • The Acu-Reflex sandals are reflexology Acu-Shiatsu massage sandal.
  • The footbed applies pressure to all the right areas on your feet to release blocked energy and tension for healing purposes.
  • You enjoy a mini shiatsu treatment every time you walk with these sandals.
  • They have a slip-on design with a single cross strap.


Massage Sandals

  • The revs Premium Massage sandal also use Acupressure and reflexology technology.
  • They have fabric and synthetic uppers and a durable rubber outsole.
  • The footbed is cushioned and shock-absorbing, with massaging nodes and a specialized anatomical shape for proper support.
  • The design is based on acupressure and reflexology technology for natural healing therapy.
  • The sandal is likewise available in more color selections.


Stimulation Massage Sandals

  • The New Era Massaging Sandals stimulate your nerves and improve circulation in your feet.
  • They are available in unisex sizes and are an easy slide-on sandal with a single strap.
  • The outsole is a durable rubber for slip resistance, and the footbed is cushioned with a massaging design.
  • The fit is very relaxed and comfortable.

Index Table: Top Rated Massage Sandals

No.ProductMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Adidas® - Massage Sandals Adissage Adissage
  • Adjustable Uppers
  • Slide On
  • EVA Massage Nubs
2Byriver® - Massage Sandals Accupressure Accupressure
  • Acupoint Stimulation
  • Reduces tension
  • Considerable Strap
3Gone For a Run® - Massage Sandals PR Sole PR Sole
  • Acupoint Soles
  • Non-Slip Bottom
  • PR Sole
Gone For a Run97.7
4Acu-Reflex® - Acu-Reflex Massage Sandals Shiatsu Shiatsu
  • Reflexology
  • Pressure Relief
  • Durable
5Revs® - Massage Sandals Premium Premium
  • Shock absorbing
  • Accupressure
  • Cushioned
6New Era® - Stimulation Massage Sandals Massager Massager
  • Slide Sandals
  • Massage Nodes
  • Relaxed Fit
New Era96

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