Dansko Clogs for Nurses

When we think about Clogs for nurses, Dansko is always the first brand that comes to mind, and rightfully so.

Dansko Clogs for nurses are among the best shoe designs for health and even food industry occupations because of their design and water resistance.

Why Nurses Need Good Work Clogs

The nurse is on their feet for many long hours on hard and slippery hospital floors. They need to get around quickly, and uncomfortable shoes can affect their performance and cause much pain and discomfort.

Clogs are generally the most popular design for nurses’ shoes because of their closed design that is waterproof and protective. Their very roomy and relaxed fit allows your more comfortable motion.

Clogs also come with a durable rubber outsole for slip resistance, and many have rocker design soles to take pressure off your feet.

Why Choose Dansko Clogs

So why should you choose Dansko Clogs for nurses specifically?

  • Fit – Dansko clogs offer a comfortable fit with a very roomy toe box and a snug heel that will not slip off. They have a padded instep for comfort and are available in wider widths.
  • Sole – Dansko Clogs offer a slip and oil-resistant sole ideal on wet and slippery hospital floors. Their soles and midsole are thick and shock absorbing. Many have a rocker bottom sole that is perfect for reducing pressure on your feet.
  • Available in White – Dansko Clogs are also mostly available in solid white colors, usually requiring most hospitals.
  • Cushioned – All Dansko Clogs come with cushioning and support to help fight foot fatigue during those long and tedious shifts.

Features of a Good Dansko Clog for Nurses

Dansko Clogs

  • Uppers – Dansko clogs will have either genuine leather or synthetic leather uppers that are usually waterproof, or water resistant. They have a roomy toe box and reinforced stitching.
  • Insole and Midsole – Depending on the model there may be a foam, memory foam, or PU molded cushioned insole or footbed for comfort that is sometimes removable. The midsole is shock resistant and durable.
  • Outsole – Dansko clogs all have slip resistant outsoles that are either rubber, PU or EVA>
  • Options – Dansko Clogs for nurses do come in a large variety of colors and prints depending on the specific model. Most of them are available in the solid white color for nurses.

Reviews: The Best Dansko Clogs for Nurses

Listed in our reviews are some of the best available Dansko Clog and Mule options for you to wear as a nurse;


  • The LT Pro Clogs from Dansko are ideal Nursing and medical shoes.
  • They are available in many colors as well as solid white color options.
  • The Dansko clogs have leather uppers that are water-resistant and easy to clean.
  • There is a cushioned footbed and molded EVA outsole for your comfort,
  • Inside is a leather sock liner to wick away moisture.
  • The EVA outsole offers excellent traction and slips resistance.


  • The Dansko Pro XR is a comfortable and waterproof clog for nurses.
  • The clog has genuine leather uppers and is available in many colors and solid white colors.
  • They have a platform style sole that is durable and slip-resistant rubber,
  • There is a padded instep for walking and a comfortably cushioned footbed.
  • The close and anti-fatigue rocker bottom sole and a very roomy toe box so that you can move comfortably.


  • The Dansko Professional Clog is perfect for nurses and hospital staff.
  • They are available in many colors and are similar to the solid white color option for nurses.
  • The Dansko clogs have patent leather uppers and a very roomy toe box.
  • They have a smooth interior, antibacterial lining for your comfort,
  • They are an easy-to-slip-on style and have a padded footbed for comfort and support.


  • The Dansko Kane is a slip-on mule that is also comfortable for nurses.
  • Keep in mind that it is a slip-on style that may not be suitable in all situations of nursing work.
  • The mules have a removable cushioning EVA footbed and a slip-resistant EVA sole.
  • They are easy to clean with resistant uppers,
  • They also feature natural arch technology for arch support and very comfortable cushioning.


  • The Dansko CP 2.0 Clogs are the ideal choice for nurses.
  • The clogs have leather uppers with a padded instep collar for your comfort,
  • They have a patent rubber outsole that is slip-resistant on wet and oily surfaces.
  • There is a comfortable, roomy toe box and a lightweight EVA midsole to reduce foot fatigue.
  • The footbed is designed to provide comfortable stability and high shock absorbency.
  • There is also a high dual-density removable PU insole with natural arch technology for arch support.
  • The TPU arch stabilizer and memory foam cushioning offer exceptional support and comfort.


  • The Dansko Sonja Mule clog is also a comfortable slide-on and off mule-style clog for nurses.
  • It has genuine water-resistant leather uppers that are easy to clean.
  • There is a comfortable instep collar and a roomy reinforced toe box.
  • The clogs have a wide heel strike for improved stability and a durable, slip-resistant outsole.
  • The PU outsole has a rocker bottom style for comfort and stability.
  • The clogs are cushioned for comfort and support.
  • They are available in solid white and many other colors from which you can choose.


  • The Dansko Twin Pro Clogs are available in light and neutral colors, with a fun print on them.
  • They are leather clogs with a smooth fabric lining for comfort,
  • There is a padded instep collar and a roomy reinforced toe box.
  • The Outsole is PU with a rocker design for comfort and balance and is also slip-resistant, and shock absorbing.


  • Unfortunately, the Dansko Winona is only available in dark colors and printed options if you are allowed to wear colored shoes as a nurse.
  • They are leather clogs with a moisture-wicking lining and a removable PU molded footbed with natural arch support technology.
  • The clogs have a slip-resistant rubber outsole, which is ideal for slippery and wet hospital floors.
  • They are lightweight with a nylon shank for underfoot protection.

Index Table: Top Rated Clogs for Nurses

1Dansko Women's LT Pro - Clogs for Nurses
  • Leather
  • Lightweight
  • Slip Resistant
2Dansko Women's Pro XP - Waterproof Clogs for Nurses
  • Waterproof
  • Cushioned
  • Slip Resistant
3Dansko Women's Professional - Clogs for Nurses
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
4Dansko Women's kane - Mule Clog for Nurses
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned
  • Durable
5Dansko Women's XP 2.0 - Clogs for Nurses
  • Roomy Toe Box
  • leather
  • Cushioned
6Dansko Women's Sonja - Clog Mules for Nurses
  • Leather
  • Cushioned
  • Roomy Fit
7Dansko Women's twin Pro - Clogs for Nurses
  • Leather and Fabric
  • Rocker Style Sole
  • Cushioned
8Dansko Women's Winona - Clogs for Nurses
  • Prints and Solid Colors
  • EVA Outsole
  • Nylon Shank

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