Best Sandals for Smelly Feet

Awful smelling feet are not fun for anyone and can be quite embarrassing if you ask me.

There are many reasons why your feet may smell, and some people may notice the smell, particularly in summertime, and wear sandals.

Luckily, there are the best sandals for smelly feet that will help reduce the odors and prevent bacteria and excessive sweating, which may cause smelly feet.

Will Wearing Proper Sandals Help With Smelly Feet

The right sandal will most definitely help to prevent or reduce smelly feet.

Remember, the main cause of smelly feet is sweat, which causes bacteria, which in turn causes bad odors. Sweat develops mainly in hot summers, and because sandals have a more open and ventilated design, they are actually better for smelly feet.

Besides their more open and ventilated design, many sandal models come with an antimicrobial-treated footbed that helps eliminate bacteria that cause odors. Some design has moisture-wicking or absorbent features that also keep sweat at bay.

For these reasons, sandals will certainly help to prevent smelly feet.

How to Treat and Prevent Smelly Feet

Besides, the right sandal here are a few tips in preventing and treating smelly feet;

  • Washing Your Feet – You can wash your feet more than once a day with an antibacterial soap. Just make sure you do not dry them out too much.
  • Keep Your feet Dry – Dry your feet properly when they are wet, especially between the toes.
  • Wear Different Shoes – Try to alternate between your shoes and sandal so that you do not wear the same pair every day.
  • Foot Grooming – Keep your feet well-groomed and clean, Cut long toenails, and file down hard skin, as these can become soggy and cause a breeding ground for bacteria. It is also advised to use a good moisturizer from time to time, particularly after a good grooming session. A foot scrub may help remove old dead skin cells that may become a breeding source for bacterias.
  • Plastic Sandals and Shoes – try to avoid wearing plastic shoes and sandals as they actually cause your feet to become sweaty and smell.

Features of a Good Sandal for Smelly Feet

  • Uppers – Uppers can consist of polyester webbing, which is absorbent and dries quickly, leather, or other materials. Look for comfortable and adjustable upper straps.
  • Odor Treated – Many sandals come with an antimicrobial or antibacterial odor treatment, which can be either zinc-based or silver technology. Washable sandals also allow you to keep bacteria at bay.
  • Comfort – A comfortable and cushioned footbed provides a comfortable and supportive fit. Look for EVA or PU materials in the footbed with good arch support. mMemoryfoam is also an excellent choice if you are looking for more plush and moldable comfort cushioning.
  • Outsole – For the outsole good grip and traction is vital. A lug patterned outsole will provide excellent grip, and rubber is one of the most durable materials for an outsole.

Reviews: The Best Sandals for Smelly Feet

In our review section, we have some of the best available sandal brands and models that have an odor resistant and antimicrobial treated footbed for odor resistance;


Sports Sandals for Smelly Feet

The Keen Newport H2 is a comfortable and supportive outdoor sandal that can be machine washed to prevent odors.
  • The kKeenNewport H2 has quick-drying uppers and a zinc-based antimicrobial treated footbed, which helps to reduce odor, bacteria, and keeps your feet dry.
  • The uppers are adjustable polyester, and there are more colors available.
  • The footbed is a comfortable Compression-molded EVA.
  • The multi-directional lug rubber outsole ensures excellent grip on slippery surfaces.


Smelly Feet Beach Sandal

The Teva Beach and Pool sandal is treated with a zinc-based antimicrobial to prevent odors and bacteria.
  • The sandal has an open and beach-friendly design.
  • The uppers are adjustable and consist of quick-drying fabric and synthetic material.
  • The sole is treated with a zinc based antimicrobial treatment,to prevent odors.
  • The Molded EVA midsole has a heel cup and cookie arch for full support and comfort.
  • More colors are similarly available to you.


Dressy Sandal for Smelly Feet

Spenco Sandals are Treated with an UUltra-FreshAntimicrobial to prevent odors and bacteria in their sandals.
  • These stunning sandals are available in more colors and will not let your feet smell.
  • They have leather and mesh uppers with a synthetic sole.
  • The footbed has Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial technology that helps to control odors.
  • There are a comfortable cushioned EVA footbed and Orthotic grade arch support.
  • The lug rubber outsole also provides good grip and traction.


Sports Sandal for Smelly Feet

  • This is an open-design sporty sandal.
  • The uppers are a quick-drying textile material that is fully adjustable in fit.
  • There is an antimicrobial footbed for better odor resistance.
  • The sandals have ChacoGrip durable and slip-resistant rubber outsole,
  • The LUVSEAT Pu cushioned footbed is comfortable and supportive.
  • You can also select from plenty ore colors available.


Smelly Feet Sandal

The Birkenstock Arizona Suede leather sandal absorbs moisture and has a stay fresh cork footbed.
  • Birkenstocks are known for their cushioning and supportive cork footbeds, but this material also helps resist heat and odors.
  • Cork is naturally absorbent and provides moldable cushioning for optimal support and comfort daily.
  • Birkenstocks are a quality top scandal brand with a very comfortable fit.
  • I have chosen the models with a suede leather upper for better moisture resistance.
  • There are, however, only two colors available in this model, in a unisex size for men and women.


Flip Flop Sandal for Smelly Feet

The Spenco Flip Flop range has an antimicrobial-treated footbed to reduce odors and many other comfort features.
  • These are actually beach-style sandals with a ventilated and breathable open design.
  • As you can see, they are available in plenty of bright and fun colors.
  • The footbed is treated with an antimicrobial to reduce odors and prevent harmful bacteria from growing.
  • There is also excellent cushioning with a compression-molded EVA in the footbed and an Orthotic grade arch support.
  • The outsole has a non-marking and non-slip design, which is also quite durable, consisting of rubber.


Hiking Sandals for Smelly Feet

  • The Hurricane Verge has an open design that will ventilate smelly feet.
  • The uppers are a quick-drying polyester material that will wick away moisture.
  • The footbed is a soft EVA, and there is a Nylon shank for stability.
  • The outsole is a lugged rubber for grip on outdoor surfaces.


Flip Flops for Smelly Feet

  • Flip Flops have an open and comfortable design to prevent excessive sweating that can cause odors.
  • These flip flops have a top sole that is lined to wick away moisture and comfortable cushioning.
  • The rubber outsole is durable and offers good traction.
  • There are also more neutral colors available.


Smelly Feet Hiking Sandal

  • The Chaco Banded is another great design for smelly feet.
  • The Luvseat cushioned footbed and EVA midsole cushion the feet and prevented odors.
  • The open design will keep your feet well ventilated and comfortable.
  • The textile uppers are quick-drying and moisture resistant.


Slide Sandal for Smelly Feet

  • The Vionic Kiwi slide is ideal for quick on and off.
  • They have a single uppers strap that is adjustable in fit and is a nubuck leather with a moisture-wicking lining.
  • The footbed is cushioned and supportive and will not cause excessive sweating and hold odors.
  • There are also a few more colors available to you.

Index Table: Top Rated Sandals for Smelly Feet

No.ProductMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Keen® - Sports Sandals for Smelly Feet Newport H2 Newport H2
  • Water Resistant
  • Cushioned
  • Fit Insole
  • Machine Washable
  • Odor Resistant
  • High Traction Outsole
2Teva® - Smelly Feet Beach Sandal Beach and Pool Beach and Pool
  • Quick Dry Design
  • Zinc-Based Antimicrobial Treated
  • Moldeed EVA Midsole
  • Arch Cookie
  • Heel Cup
  • Cushioned
  • Adjustable Fit
3Spenco® - Dressy Sandal for Smelly Feet Kholo Slide Marfa Wedge
  • Antimicribial Treated
  • Cushioned
  • High Traction Outsole
  • Support Footbed
4Chaco® - Sports Sandal for Smelly Feet Z1 Z1
  • LUVSEAT PU Midsole
  • Cushioned
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Wider Width Options
  • Antimicrobial Treated
  • ChacoGrip Outsole
5Birkenstock® - Smelly Feet Sandal Arizona Arizona
  • Soft Footbed
  • Moisture Absorbent
  • Contoured Cork Footbed
  • Anti-Odor Design
6Spenco® - Flip Flop Sandal for Smelly Feet Yumi Breeze Breeze
  • Orthotic Arch Support
  • EVA Footbed
  • Antimicriobial Treated
  • Non-Slip Outsole
7Teva® - Hiking Sandals for Smelly Feet Hurricane Verge Hurricane Verge
  • Rubber Sole
  • Adjustable Uppers
  • EVA Support Footbed
  • Stability Nylon Shank
  • Cushioned
8Teva® - Flip Flops for Smelly Feet Pajaro Voya Leather
  • Leather and Textile Uppers
  • Cushioned Footbed
  • Secure Fit
  • Mush Top Sole
  • Rubber Outsole
9Chaco® - Smelly Feet Hiking Sandal Z Cloud Banded Z Cloud Banded
  • Polyester Uppers
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Many Colors Available
  • Luvseat Footbed
  • EVA Midsole
10Vionic® - Slide Sandal for Smelly Feet Pastel Slides Pastel Slides
  • Vio Motion Support
  • Adjustable Uppers
  • Padded
  • Three Zone Comfort

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