Skechers Flip Flops

Skechers offers some of the most fashion-forward and innovative shoes and accessories that provide great style and comfort.

Besides their trendy, highly comfortable, supportive casual and work shoe ranges, they also have some of the best flip-flop models.

This article will concentrate on the best Skechers flip flops and what they offer.

Skechers Flip Flop Models

Skechers offers few but some of the best Flip Flop models; here are some of their top ranges;

  • Meditation – The Meditation range comes in various designs with regular flip flops, slides, and flip flops with back straps. The Meditation range features a comfortable flip flop with a soft yoga foam sole and decorated uppers that may have rhinestones and availability in many colors.
  • Arch Fit – I highly recommend their arch fit range flip flops for good support. These have soft jersey fabric uppers and a supportive, cushioned, arch-fitting footbed with a rubber outsole.
  • On the Go 600 – The On the Go 6000 flip flop is a sporty style flip flop sandal from Skechers. The flip flop has a three-point webbing with mesh fabric and a contoured cushioned footbed for full support.
  • On the Go Arch Fit – Then there is a similar flip flop on the Go arch fit. It is a supportive flip-flop sandal designed for walking with Ultra Go cushioning and leather uppers, as well as an arch-fit design and durable outsole.
  • Sargo – The Sargo Flip Flop is a men’s model that is handsome and comfortable. The flip flop has soft woven canvas uppers and a memory foam 360 cushioned footbed with a durable outsole.

Benefits of Wearing Flip Flops

Most people wear flip-flops to the beach and pool only and sometimes at home. Despite our Skechers flip-flop range, flip-flops are generally not the most comfortable and supportive footwear.

But besides this, there are many benefits to wearing comfortable and supportive flip-flops;

  • Budget Friendly – Flip flops, even the more advanced models, are generally extremely budget-friendly. You can have more than one pair, and because they generally go with any outfit, you can easily chop and change colors and styles.
  • Easy to Use – Flip Flops are the easiest design to put on, and ta; you don’t eke off quickly even have to use your hands. They are so versatile when you need something to quickly place on your feet.
  • Comfortable – Many Flips flops, such as the Skechers Flip Flops range we are discussing today, come with good comfort and support features for walking and leisurewear. They have cushioned footbeds, contoured support or arch support, balanced and durable soles, and comfortable soft uppers webbing with quick-drying materials for water resistance. Their open design makes them a very cool and well-ventilated option for summer.

Features of a Good Skechers Flip Flop

Skechers Cali

  • Uppers – Skechers Flip Flops come in various casual and decorative designs for men and women. The uppers can be leather with a textile lining. Knit, Jersey Knit, or quickly place canvas fabric materials on your feet. Some models are decorated with rhinestones and have more colorful uppers. Most Skechers flip flops offer a more roomy and relaxed fit design.
  • Footbed – Skechers Flip flops have an anatomically designed footbed in some models and a flat footbed in others. Memory foam cushioning, Ultra Go, energizing, EVA, or Yoga foam can be used. There are also some models with a podiatrist-designed arch support footbed called the Arch Fit range.
  • Outsole – the Outsole can vary from Yoga foam ad EVA to a Flexible rubber traction outsole or a Multi-Directional traction rubber outsole, depending on the flip flop model.
  • Options – Most flip flop models from Skechers are available in more color selections. Depending on the specific model, you also have wider width and extended size options.

Reviews: The Best Skechers Flip Flops

Below are some of our top favorite flip-flop sandal models from Skechers;


Flip Flops

  • These are two flip-flop models from the arch fit range from Skechers.
  • They have a synthetic sole and stretchy jersey-fit uppers.
  • The footbed is cushioned and features an arch-fit arch support system.
  • They are also available in quite a few more color options.


Flip Flops

  • The Skechers Walk Five Flip Flops are cool and lightweight with a comfortable fit.
  • The Go Walk 5 Flip Flops have Goga Mat top cushioning and a supportive contoured footbed.
  • There is a durable rubber outsole in both flip-flop models.
  • The Fabric and Synthetic leather On the Go 600 is a sporty flip-flop sandal for ladies.
  • The Skechers On the Go 600 is lightweight with 5Ge cushioning and a Goga Mat footbed.


Flip Flops

  • The Skechers Evented Rosen is a textile uppers flip flop with a synthetic sole and a relaxed fit.
  • The Ladies Flip Flops have an EVA sole and Multi-colored knit uppers.
  • They can be machine washed and air-dried.
  • The flip flops are ideal for beachwear and quick drying.
  • They are both available in more color options.


Flip Flops

  • The Skechers Cobano Flip Flops offer a more relaxed and comfortable fit.
  • The Cobano Flip Flops have synthetic leather uppers and a synthetic sole, with a 360-degree cushioned memory foam footbed.
  • The Skechers GOwalk Smart flip flops for ladies have a rubber outsole and smart flex technology in the sole.
  • The Flip Flops for the ladies are lightweight with responsive Ultra Go cushioning and soft knit uppers.
  • Both flip-flop models are available in more color options.


Flip Flops

  • The Pelem Emiro flip-flop sandal has synthetic leather uppers and a synthetic sole, with a relaxed fit and memory foam cushioning.
  • The Asana Flip Flops have crochet-knit uppers, yoga foam, and a memory foam footbed, along with a durable rubber outsole.
  • They are both available in more color options.


Flip Flops

  • The Skechers Sargo Flip Flops have a relaxed fit, synthetic sole, and memory foam footbed for comfort cushioning.
  • The Cali Flip Flops from the meditation range have canvas webbing and a soft yoga foam footbed with rhinestones on the uppers.
  • Both have a durable and high-traction outsole.
  • The flip-flop sandal is available in more colors and sizes.

Index Table: Top Rated Flip Flops from Skechers

No.ProductMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Skechers® - Flip Flops Sunshine
  • Arch Support
  • Cushioned
  • Color Options
2Skechers® - Flip Flops Gowalk 5 On The Go 600
  • Sporty Style
  • Cushioned
  • Water Friendly
3Skechers® - Flip Flops Evented Rosen Energizing
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Cushioned
  • Color Options
4Skechers® - Flip Flops Cobano Go Walk Smart
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Flex Outsole
  • Cushioned
5Skechers® - Flip Flops Pelem Emiro cali Asana
  • Memory Foam
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Colors Available
6Skechers® - Flip Flops Cali Meditation
  • Cushioned
  • Comfortable
  • Color Options

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